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Doreen Horsley

Candle Store Owner

London, UK

Hi, I'm Doreen, a Wellness Entrepreneur based in London, United Kingdom and have a passion for wellness, veganism, naturalness and sustainability and I teach people how to grow an ethical business in the wellness industry.


I work as an independent Partner for Ringana, an Award winning Austrian sustainable company who are GREEN of course! Environmental protection, resource conservation, reducing CO2 and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR*); these are all subjects that have been firmly enshrined in RINGANA’s corporate philosophy since the 1990s! Ringana has a comprehensive sustainability programme, who constantly set new standards and who launch innovations that go beyond trends.


My business got started following major surgery which was a game changer for me because from then on, I started to look at the world a lot differently. I became vegan and adopted a healthier lifestyle and could now see how sustainable living contributes to good health and wellness.  I have a Wellness Blog - Fresh Actually; a Facebook Group – Fresh is Best - We Speak Wellness; and I always use my signature hashtag #greendoreen.


My business model is this - bringing wellness and sustainability into people’s homes. I care about the environment and feel proud to align myself with a company whose ethics and values resonate with my own. AS an entrepreneur and partner for RINGANA I consistently share knowledge about wellness topics. My aim – to inspire people to try shifting towards an environmentally friendly lifestyle and with every decision made, to improve their own well-being and to be a major boost to our environment.


I share the USP for Ringana - FRESHNESS that no other skincare company is claiming. Freshness means powerful antioxidants can work at optimum efficacy because they are fresh with an expiry date. Our product covers all things that will support you as a respected human being. Beauty from the Outside head to toe - fresh skin & body care, tooth oils, foot balms, sports products; and also Beauty from the inside - health supplements that produces ageless beauty and powerful drinks that energise and meal replacement products that help you lose weight and essentially gives you all the nutrients you need …the list is endless.


I sincerely want people to make a decision now to consciously create more green peace in their lives by choosing skincare products and natural foods that are produced sustainably, chemical free and FRESH.


One of the challenges I am facing in running my business is finding those who want to be a part of a sustainable journey. Organically motivating others to think sustainably, naturally & wellness requires persistence, consistency and sometimes the message gets caught up in all the noise that’s out there. My determination is therefore to educate and raise awareness.

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Doreen Horsley