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Cloth Nappy Workshops

Candle Store Owner

Melbourne VIC, Australia

If you’re a parent who is aware of the waste that comes from using disposable nappies (diapers), and are looking for a solution on how to make the switch, then this might be just the answer you’re looking for.


Cloth Nappy Workshops are run by Elana, and are perfect for new parents, and existing parents who wish to be more eco-friendly with their baby products.


Elana saw an opportunity to educate when her friends and family were struggling to make the switch. In truth, researching all the different reusable cloth nappy styles can be quite overwhelming at first, and is also foreign to most of us who were raised in a disposable nappy household. So Elana began her journey by offering workshops to help those who were curious to make the switch.


It has now expanded to online, where she has a YouTube channel, and hosts Zoom workshops, so you can learn from the convenience and the comfort of your home.


Elana’s services have also spread into other areas, where she also teaches people how to use reusable household and menstrual products. It’s important to Elana that she hosts an honest service, and the products she uses and promotes are from doing her own research, unlike other influencers who are paid to promote a brand’s products.


If you’re curious to make the switch to reusable products, start in Elana's Facebook Group.

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