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Candle Store Owner

Queens, NY 11106, USA


The only sustainable business in Queens, New York City, Closiist curates and presents sustainable products from the US and beyond in an online format which enables users to explore a range of sustainable products available in their locality and elsewhere.


Having established an impressive network of green businesses from all corners of the US, Closiist’s French-born founders, partners Julie and Benjamin, ensure items are dispatched responsibly by employing Australian-founded, carbon neutral shipping carrier, Sendle.


Closiist’s online customers benefit from a user-friendly website which organises products by category, locality, and even by individual’s personal interests such as “Vegan”, “Women Owned Businesses”, and items “Not on Amazon”.


The “-iist” in Closiist expresses a proposed method of thought whereas the prefix, “Clos”, comes from the word “close” – a nearby location. Together, this inspired, original term relates to customers Closiist’s philosophy of promoting local mindfulness and local shopping as sustainable purchasing alternatives.


Adalaia products, Closiist’s very own sustainable, handmade soap and shampoo bar collection, named for their children Adam and Elaia, are themselves wrapped in biodegradable seed paper, which when reused, can serve it's original purpose, to grow flowers!


This eco-friendly mode of packaging is a feature throughout Closiist’s range of products – all items available by various businesses are packaged using sustainable materials.


Owners, curators and parents, Julie and Benjamin, are committed to striving for a more beautiful future for their children and for yours.


All businesses included in Closiist’s network and online are vetted to ensure producers and technologies used in business supply chains are in harmony with Closiist’s closest values; sustainability, thoughtfulness, non-toxic materials and low waste.


Closiist's local foodbank is:

Showroom at Marche le Woof, 3103 Vernon Blvd, Astoria, NY, 11106





Article by,

Ruth Klempner

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