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Cleaner Clothing

Candle Store Owner

Pennsylvania, USA

Did you know that every second 1000 people open a bottle of water in the US? Every second. And more than 60 million water bottles end up in the trash every single year, with many of them ending up in our streets, land, and oceans.


Something else you may not have thought about is the environment that homeless people are forced to live in. Often they don’t have access to basic human needs, like clean clothing, and the places they sleep are usually riddled with trash.


Cleaner Clothing was founded to solve these two problems; cleaning up plastic waste, and making clothing for the homeless from plastic waste. They salvage plastic water bottles that have been disposed of and manufacture them into clean clothing—right now, socks and T-shirts—contributing to a circular economy while doing some amazing work for those in need. To date, they have salvaged nearly twenty-five thousand bottles from landfills and oceans.


You can buy their affordable and super soft socks and T-shirts from their website, and for every item of clothing purchased, they donate the same item to Soles4Souls. Make 2022 your year of giving.

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