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Cincinnati Recycling & Reuse Hub

Candle Store Owner

Cincinnati, OH, USA

Have you ever wondered if all of the items you put into the recycling ends up being recycled? It’s estimated that around only two-thirds of it makes it through recycling, while the other third ends up in landfills.


The Cincinnati Recycling & Reuse Hub solves this problem by accepting difficult-to-recycle items that can’t be put into curbside recycling. The year-old non-profit operation has so far successfully recycled over 100 tons from landfills.


They are also proud members of the ZeroLandfill initiative, where they accept items such as interior design samples, office supplies, art supplies, egg cartons, hangers, and planter pots. These items can then be collected for free by creatives, teachers, and artists for their projects.


Many Americans are unaware of the limitations of curbside recycling. The Cincinnati Recycling & Reuse Hub brings awareness to the issue and bridges the gap so consumers can continue to conveniently recycle.


Cincinnati Recycling & Reuse Hub have a chance to win $25K, which will help them continue its mission of reducing landfill waste. All they need is your support. Cast your vote here to show your support. If you live in Cincinnati, you can volunteer here. For everyone else, you can donate here.

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