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Cathy's Crawly Composters

Candle Store Owner

Ontario, Canada


Cathy’s Crawly Composters provides worm composting solutions for sustainable garbage management to individuals and businesses eager to waste less.


Founded in 2002 in Ontario, Canada, by self-made vermicomposter (worm farmer), Cathy Nesbitt, this sustainable business has since made a tremendous impact on local communities and inspired interest from commentators all over the world.


Worm composting involves creating spaces for Red Wiggler (eisenia ferida) worms to digest food and paper waste and create compost, which can be used to fertilise gardens and garden plants.


Worm composting can be done indoors! At home, at school and inside workspaces.


A compact worm bin requires only a container the size of a small fish tank, a carbon source such as shredded paper or leaves, a litre of soil, crushed eggshells to manage soil acidity, water enough to create a spongy habitat, and warmth.


Also, a handful of worms!


Properly managed, with a plentiful oxygen supply and the correct amounts of raw food and water, worm bins are odourless and a fascinating, sustainable fixture in any household.


A recipient of such recent awards as the BUILD Recycling and Waste Management 2021 Leading Champions of Vermicomposting Awareness, and the Simcoe County Food and Agricultural 2019 Community Appreciation Award for Work Improving Equal Access, Cathy Nesbitt has become a leading practitioner and educator in this method of sustainable waste management.


With almost two decades of professional vermiculture experience, involvement in seminars, workshops, school visits, environmental fairs and organic fairs, as well as active participation in the Canadian Green Party, Cathy has build a large legacy of making sustainable waste management accessible to all.


A certified laughter yoga teacher and health and wellness advocate to boot, Cathy uses humour to engage those critics, both adult and child alike, to move past any initial distaste at the thought of worm composting (worm poo, eurgh!), and encourages individuals old and young to get involved in this affordable, sustainable practice.


There is an endless variety of organic matter. From straw and manure on farms, to food scraps and paper from grocery stores, restaurants, hospitals, care homes and schools. Worm composting is a sustainable waste disposal solution to them all.


Cathy’s Crawly Composters sells worms and equipment, and their star product is The Living Composter, a compact composting tray system which doubles as a stool - ideal for condos, classrooms and corporations.


Cathy runs a free and fun self-care session on Tuesdays at 9:30 AM Eastern Time.



Her local foodbank is Helping Hand Food Bank - 123 Moore St., Bradford, Ontario.



Article by,

Ruth Klempner

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