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By a Thread

Candle Store Owner

United Kingdom

Have you ever thought about the packaging that your jewelry comes in? Most of the time it’s packaged in plastic, and the plastic is too small to do anything with it, so it always ends up in the trash. With the global plastic epidemic we’re all facing together as a collective, consumers need to be more conscious of everything that they purchase, this includes even the smallest items, like earrings, for example.


This was part of the reason behind By a Thread. This artisanal jewelry company hand-crafts earrings, necklaces, keyrings, and buntings, all made with sustainable materials sourced locally in the UK, and from Europe.


What started out as a hobby to reduce pandemic anxiety, has turned into a successful and responsible Etsy store. By a Thread offers affordable, artisanal pieces that are completely plastic-free. That’s not all; the wood they source is FSC certified; the glue they use is vegan; and every material used has been selected thoughtfully, for the planet.


Their hero product is their tassel earrings, which were their very first product they made. But they have since launched a full range of other various items that are all creative and colorful.


The next goal is to start providing ongoing tutorial workshops where they will teach jewelry-making skills, so everyone can make their own sustainable jewelry.

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