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Brenna Quinlan

Candle Store Owner


Brenna Quinlan is an illustrator and educator of permaculture and climate-solutions.


Teaching adults and children both online and in-person, Brenna makes complicated environmental information accessible to all through products such as her illustrated Permaculture Action Cards.


Beginning her journey illustrating permaculture co-originator David Holmgren’s Retrosuburbia, Brenna’s career in educative artwork blossomed following the release of Milkwood, by authors Kirsten Bradley and Nick Ritar, illustrated by Quinlan.


She has since continued her work promoting sustainable practices with organisations including the Red Cross, Break Free From Plastic, the Australian Greens, and Gardening Australia.


Through her commitment to education through artwork, Brenna aims to inspire and motivate people on the big issues of our time; climate change, biodiversity loss and social justice.


Brenna spreads positive messages through her teaching and illustration, and focuses on solutions rather than problems.


Her work has featured all over the world and all her artist’s materials and practices are low emissions and low waste; Quinlan uses watercolour on paper, has a dinner plate as a palette, and uses two, high quality brushes which have lasted over ten years.


Her small tubes of watercolour paint even last several years each!

She uses pre-used envelopes and packaging supplied by family-owned, Envelope Solutions, and her products are distributed by the ethical, Amazon-alternative, Permaculture Principles, which is a low waste, ethically driven, product distribution company.


Currently, her main challenge is preserving a healthy work/ life balance.

Being so involved in valuable, meaningful work, Brenna feels there is no end to the amount of tasks on her to do list. She loves her work but is conscious that sometimes she must switch off, and involve herself in other activities.


She acknowledges that it is tempting to work all the time as a freelancer, but knows that even the brightest minds and the greatest creatives sometimes need to take a break!


For more information on Brenna’s outstanding illustrative works, visit:



Brenna’s local Community Resource Centre runs a free food pantry, with showering, toilet and clothes washing facilities, and accomodation for rough sleepers.


Article by,

Ruth Klempner

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