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Biotekt USA

Candle Store Owner

Calgary, AB, Canada

Biotekt USA create personalised energy-efficient homes from 90% recycled content and 95% locally sourced materials.


Manufacturing components and kits for unique, earth-sheltered structures, Biotekt homes have intimate contact with surrounding climate, terrain and topography.


Every home and construction is individually designed and takes into account all environmental variables and conditions to create a fully functional and personalised product.


Formulated by architect, ecologist, and Biotekt’s CEO and co-founder, Manuel Lago Granger, the first prototypes of this prefabricated, modular, earth-sheltered system faced difficulties such as cumbersome construction and a lack of design flexibility.


Subsequent redesigns begot the second generation Biotekt modules, which are now more manageable and more efficient.


Each Biotekt construction recycles approximately 15 plastic bottles per square foot. This means that a 1000 square foot home would recycle approximately 15,000 bottles.


Biotekt believes that plastics should only be used for items which are meant to last a very long time. The company’s modular, earth-sheltered units, all made from recycled materials, help clear large amounts of plastic waste from oceans and landfill, and will last for lifetimes as safe, functional homes.

Biotekt now runs a production facility in Colombia and is prospecting for local production facilities in Canada, Mexico and the United States. The company is also in talks for a proposed facility in Romania, which will serve a new, European market.


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