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Goodna QLD 4300, Australia

If you’re a conscious consumer, you’re probably aware of the various fabrics that are used for clothes and accessories. Like conventional cotton, which is typically unsustainable. Or bamboo cotton, which can be made more sustainably from renewable bamboo. Or silk, an unethical, yet luxury fabric.


But there’s a new kid on the block, and it comes from a plant that can be found in abundance in nature. A plant that is known for its calming, soothing, and healing abilities. It’s none other than aloe.


There are around 500 species of aloe. This hardy succulent is grown and harvested in India, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, South Africa, China, and Costa Rica. It can be grown and purchased in many countries across the globe.


Scientists have recently discovered how to create a kind of fabric from aloe fibers. This fabric is delicate, soft, and luxurious, just like silk. But unlike silk, aloe fabric is completely vegan.


The silk industry exploits silkworms and kills them during the silk-making process. A practice that is highly unethical. This is why aloe fabric is the best option for sustainability-seekers who like the luxe feeling of silk.


So, where can you find this amazing fabric? Better Daze Australia has implemented the use of aloe fabric into its range of products. So far, they have a t-shirt, a face mask, and an eye sleeping mask all made from Aloe.U, with a pillowcase coming soon.


This is one huge step in the right direction for sustainable fashion. For more information about Aloe.U, or to see their products, visit Better Daze Australia’s website.

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