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Best Shaving Creams

Candle Store Owner

Silver Spring, MD, USA

Most sustainability-seekers are aware of the different ways we can reduce our impact as individuals. For example, minimizing our usage of electricity and water, going zero-waste, and swapping out our products for more sustainable ones.


But there are some products out there that get overlooked, one of them being a very common product most men use every day.


Shaving cream. 

Conventional shaving creams usually come in aerosol cans and are packed with various chemicals, which can do harm to our planet when they’re washed down the drain.


Best Shaving Creams was created by ESG investor David Kruger. He decided to start a blog where he researches and ranks the most sustainable shaving creams on Amazon. David wanted to provide a platform that could help consumers choose shaving cream more responsibly.


The ratings are in line with ESG (environmental, social, and governance) investment criteria. For an ESG investor to consider funding a company, the company must meet these high standards.


To see which companies are ranking in the top five, check out Best Shaving Creams.

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