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Attema Stump Grinding and Landscaping LLC

Candle Store Owner

Ames, IA, USA

If you own a home and live in Ames, Iowa, and are looking for minor landscaping that is done in a sustainable way, then check out Attema Stump Grinding and Landscaping.


The owner, Paul, started his business when he removed a few stumps from his own yard. Word got around to his neighbors and friends and soon enough he found himself in business. He specializes in stump grinding, brush removal, edging, mulching, rocking, planting, and minor landscaping.


Paul plants a tree for every stump he removes. It's his aim to educate his customers on the importance of fostering endangered species of trees, and plant just as many, if not more, trees than what we have removed.


If you're in Ames, Iowa, or know someone who is, refer them to Paul at Attema Stump Grinding and Landscaping LLC.



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