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All The Dirt Podcast

Candle Store Owner

Western Australia, Australia

For sustainability-seekers looking to begin their gardening journey, a great place to start is to watch videos and listen to podcasts. But with so many out there to pick from, how do you choose?


All The Dirt is a podcast that was started by Steve and Deryn, gardening enthusiasts and professionals. Steve has worked for more than 40 years as a plant wholesaler and is a regular on ABC garden radio and garden television in Australia. Deryn Thorpe has worked as a journalist for 40 years and is an award-winning garden writer for Gardening Australia magazine who leads garden tours.


The pair decided to impart their years of wisdom into a podcast that easily informs and educates those wishing to take up gardening, and for anyone wanting to take on a more sustainable lifestyle. With all the recent climate change talks, All the Dirt podcast is a breath of positive air that empowers its listeners in a time when many of us feel powerless at the way the world is going.


Listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, and follow them on Instagram.

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