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Aligned Investing

Candle Store Owner

San Francisco, CA, USA

Many of us contribute to our retirement fund through investing, whether it be through high-yield savings accounts, playing in the stock market, buying real estate, or entrusting your hard-earned money with an investment fund.


With the help of technology, we’re all becoming more aware of how and where we invest. But you may be surprised to know that almost three quarters of adults don’t even know that they’re investing in unethical industries.


Kusum Chanrai was shocked to learn that his money was supporting industries that he fundamentally disagreed with. So he decided to start his own fund where consumers can invest in causes that they truly care about, from gender diversity, to climate action, and beyond.


While many new funds that have popped up in recent times are striving to be more responsible, most of the old school funds support industries, like oil and gas, tobacco, and weapons, and they also lack transparency. Sometimes you really need to go digging to find this information.


Aligned Investing empowers the investor—you—into making decisions about where your money goes. It’s a more affordable and more ethical approach to investing, so you can feel good about your future.


To find out more, go to their website.

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