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Updated: Apr 27

As more people become conscious of their environmental impact, the demand for sustainable products grows. The fashion industry is arguably one of the worst for our environment, so in recent years, we’ve seen a trend in preloved and upcycled fashion increase.

But while mainstream fashion has been getting all the attention, we’re forgetting one segment of the market that is always thriving; maternity clothing.

WO-MUM, a maternity fashion brand by Jaroslava Snejdar, is not your ordinary fashion label. You can get maternity apparel from their website either to buy or to rent. As you're only wearing maternity wear for a period of time in your life, the option to rent your clothes gives you more options, is better for the environment, and a great choice for pregnant women who want to look and feel good without harming the planet.

WO-MUM sources fabrics from a GOTS-certified company in Germany and the Czech Republic that are focused on sustainable and natural materials. Local designers design the garments, which are produced in European workshops.

Look and feel great in WO-MUM’s maternity wear and feel good about your positive impact on the planet.

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