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Turning the Clock Back

If you're reading this, it's likely that you've recently begun your sustainability journey, or you're thinking about it. For sustainability-seekers, it can be disheartening and unmotivating when the bar to make a difference is set so high by environmentalists and eco-influencers, that it almost feels impossible to reach.


Turning the Clock Back is a welcoming space for budding conscious consumers. It's an educational platform that dispels the idea that you need to be doing "all of these things" in order to be considered conscious and environmentally-aware.


The founder, Diane, wanted to build a safe space for newcomers in sustainability. She has an unshakeable belief that everything we do is important — no matter how small it may be.


Sustainability should be about inclusivity, kindness, and cheering each other on. And no person should be made to feel like they're not doing enough, as we all need to start somewhere.


Diane has also created Earth Day Coloring Pages, which are available on Etsy.


The community Diane has built for the past ten years has endless resources for learning how you can be more sustainable and healthier in your daily life. She has a blog, information on different books, recipes, and more.


To show your support, or to simply learn something new, visit her website.

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Emma Jade

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