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Transmutation Pty Ltd

Updated: May 22

Plastic is a virtually indestructible and useful material that has been used for decades for almost everything, from toothbrushes to packaging. But its resiliency has become a problem. It’s evident in our oceans, landscapes, and even in our seafood, as microplastics plague the earth.

But, despite this, companies continue to manufacture products using virgin plastic instead of recycling or using alternatives to plastic.

Transmutation Pty Ltd, a company founded by Brad Scott in South Australia, manufactures homewares. But instead of creating new products from nothing, he takes discarded single-use materials and repurposes them into products that can be used indefinitely. Brad wanted to contribute to a circular economy by providing a solution to our increasing waste problem.

Their best-selling product is their Styrobowl, made 100% from discarded styrofoam. Styrofoam is one of the most problematic materials made as it doesn’t break down in nature, it can leech toxic chemicals into the environment, and the manufacturing process is a huge contributor to global warming. The Styrobowl removes styrofoam from landfill and gives it a new life as strong food and dishwasher-safe bowl.

Transmutation also sells hats made from discarded canvas from trucking companies, backpacks made from disposable water bottles, water-resistant bags made from recycled cork, earrings made using plastic bottle lids, and much more.

They sell to the public and wholesale and also offer EPG-friendly products. So if you’re interested, visit their website.

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