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The Circular Shop

Updated: Feb 7

🇬🇧 Weymouth, United Kingdom

If you’re one of the many people who have been looking into self-sustainable living, then you might be interested in The Circular Shop. Founded by Jason West, a Weymouth resident in the UK, after he retrofitted a semi-derelict Victorian home to be net-zero carbon.

From there, non-profit Weyforward CIC was formed, where they focus on educating the lower socioeconomic classes of Weymouth on ways they can be self-sufficient and independent from governing bodies through a regenerative and circular home model.

The Circular Shop currently have a Crowdfunder campaign set up in order to raise enough capital to be able to gain their own financial independence. And for anyone interested, you can also download the data on Jason’s retrofit home.

The ultimate goal for The Circular Shop is to bring freedom to the communities in Weymouth, and influence others, whether it be people in general, or contractors looking to get into building these kinds of infrastructures.

To find out more or donate, visit the website.

Article by,

Emma Jade


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