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Sustainable Living School

Updated: Feb 8


Looking to become more sustainable in your life, but don’t know where to begin? Online platform Sustainable Living School, by Tracy Lydiatt, is the perfect place to start.

This online portal provides on-demand training and education for individuals seeking to take action at home on sustainable living topics. The training is based on the Framework For Strategic Sustainable Development, a science-based, root cause fundamentals framework with 30+ yrs of research.

Sustainability is an overwhelming topic, especially for newcomers. This platform has been designed specifically with those new to sustainability in mind, keeping information simple and easy-to-digest.

It currently has seven different courses:

  • EcoBites: Volume 1.0 - Climate Change

  • Sustainability Decoded

  • Your Green Family Blueprint ebook (best-seller)

  • Your Green Family Blueprint AudioBook (best-seller)

  • Sustainable Seafood Webinar

  • 4-Part Mini Masterclass: How to Source Your Food Sustainably

  • 21-Day Sustainable Home Food Supply Masterplan Course

The founder, Tracy, is a best-selling author and self-proclaimed Sustainability Nerd. She holds a Master’s degree in Strategic Leadership Towards Sustainability and has over a decade of experience in leadership and applying this science-based framework for decoding sustainability. Tracy is an award-winning author, public speaker, and sustainability advisor.

It’s her mission to educate, empower, and inspire a generation on how to take action in today’s climate. Through creating content that is informative and interesting, Tracy plans to scale her courses so her platform will be a one-stop shop for learning all about sustainable living.

View her courses here.

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