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Stream Recycling

Updated: Feb 7

🇺🇸 Tampa Bay, Florida, United States

When we think about recycling, often we only think about everyday items that we use, such as food containers and beauty packaging. But do you know anything about recycling your household electronics?

E-Waste is a growing issue in today’s hyperconsumerist lifestyle, as technology advances and our desire to have more “stuff” become more prevalent. So a solution is needed now more than ever.

Stream Recycling offers a solution to consumers and businesses to recycle their electronics in a sustainable manner. What started as one location in Tampa Bay, Florida, has quickly expanded to three other locations in Miami, Florida; Plant City, Florida; and Hazelwood, Missouri where they collect and process E-Waste.

They hold regular Free Electronics, Recycling Events, that have been a huge hit with businesses in the area, offering exposure to the businesses, and giving the community a place to take their old, broken down electronics.

To find out more about Stream Recycling, visit their website.

Article by,

Emma Jade


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