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Starborne Solar

We've been using fossil fuels for the past 200 years, and despite the complex production process to extract and refine these resources, they’ve always been positioned as the most affordable energy source. 

It’s only recently become apparent to governments, thanks to growing concerns over climate change, that using finite resources is not sustainable for our survival on earth.


With these recent realizations, governments are now offering subsidies and rebates to businesses and residential properties for installing renewables, such as solar panels. But this is not widely known or understood by the general population.


Thomas Holm, a solar panel technician in Las Vegas, has grown more concerned over the lack of awareness for climate change in his community. With Lake Mead, their primary source of water, at an all-time low, Thomas is taking it upon himself to educate residents in his community about their ability to help curb climate change by implementing sustainable practices, like installing solar panels on their homes and businesses.


Not too long ago, renewables were expensive, so it was only accessible to corporations and well-to-do residents. But there were no incentives to go green, so many that could afford to chose not to. But now, with government funding and incentive schemes, renewables are affordable and desireable.


If you’re in the Las Vegas area, give Thomas a call for a free quote at 801-604-2364, or visit the website to submit an inquiry.

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Emma Jade

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