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Simple Steps for All

Updated: Feb 7

🇪🇺 Europe

There have been a number of sustainability influencers popping up in recent years. Many of them focus on educating their followers on how to live a more sustainable existence, from buying zero-waste, to contributing to a circular economy.

But our lives don’t stop at the products we buy. It’s also important to stay informed and educated on all things sustainability. If you’re looking for media that focuses on sustainability, visit Simple Steps for All.

Founded by environmental engineers Nicoletta Centofanti and Andrea Selan, Simple Steps for All not only introduces its visitors to sustainable and eco-friendly products, and influences them to live more sustainably and thoughtfully. They also cover Movies and TV Series, Readings and Podcasts, and Impact Apps all under the sustainability umbrella.

And, as you should expect, they also have a blog, where they advise on simple steps to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. To stay informed, follow them on Instagram.

Article by,

Emma Jade


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