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SaveUsFromPlastics is a family run business in Thailand which collects plastic bottle lid waste from beaches and transforms them into unique and colorful, sea turtle shaped, small item holders.

A European expat family enjoying the stunning landscapes which make up their new island home of Phuket, the family were soon made aware of the amount of plastic waste which polluted their Thai paradise.

Deciding to help clean and preserve the endangered wildlife therein, 18 months ago they designed and made a product which would remind others of those marine species at risk of ocean pollution.

The family purchased a plastic shredder, an injection machine, an endangered, baby sea turtle design and mould, as well as recycled packaging material.

They now produce attractive and one of a kind, recycled ocean plastic designs and are enjoying some success, which they aim only to increase.

More sales for them means more money to invest in plastic recycling machines and potential local employees.

One of several sustainable businesses on their rainforested and mountainous island of Phuket, recycling and beach cleaning groups are also becoming more popular as locals seek to preserve the natural world which makes up their home.

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Article by,

Ruth Klempner

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