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United Kingdom

"Taste is never compromised." This is the mantra of UK based, online vegan cooking school, Rootyfuel.

Bonding over their love of food and community, founders Jenny and Gurdip empower customers to make healthy, sustainable meal choices by presenting thorough courses in vegan cuisine.

Jenny, a professional chef whose expertise enabled and encouraged once vegan-curious Gurdip to discover the great variety and benefits of vegan cooking, lends her superb expertise once more to their joint venture, Rootyfuel.

Both already independently successful business owners, both on a mission to educate the world on delicious, plant-based, easy-to-cook cuisine, Jenny and Gurdip remain keen to highlight how attainable and fulfilling a vegan lifestyle can be, particularly in this time of unhealthy and environmentally damaging food manufacturing.

With courses available to consumers on a range of budgets, Rootyfuel provides avenues away from manufactured and animal-based food, revolutionising kitchens with quick, tasty, ethical and nutritious vegan meal alternatives.

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Article by,

Ruth Klempner

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