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Regenerate Your Reality

Updated: Feb 7

🇺🇸 Seattle, Washington, United States

In recent years, the desire for a more sustainable lifestyle has grown across the globe. But because this way of living is a relatively new concept for many of us, it can be a tricky road to navigate, especially if you’re doing it alone.

Sustainability takes a regenerative approach and includes three pillars of environment, economy, and society. And as a member of society, it’s important to take all three into consideration when you’re starting your sustainability journey.

Regenerate your Reality is a guide for sustainability-seeking individuals who may feel disconnected or confused about where to begin. This seven-chapter book guides you through simple, achievable steps to attain a regenerative lifestyle.

The book is written by Jean Pullen, a multi-talented artist, gardener, cook, musician, writer, and entrepreneur. The guide follows a simple framework that anybody can achieve, such as gathering garden cuttings, fruits, exploring waterfalls, and drinking medicinal tea.

Regenerate your Reality starts from the basics. Take Chapter Two, as an example, where it focuses on your Passion Path, and shows you ways to Regenerate in every way, utilizing a circular economy, regenerative agriculture, and permaculture in your life, and “setting your heart on fire”.

With every book purchase, three trees are planted. You can order yours today by clicking this link.

Article by,

Emma Jade


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