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Being sustainable in a consumer world is one of life’s many challenges. When we buy things, we’re not only adding to the global waste problem, but we may also support companies that aren’t operating sustainably.


During the pandemic, most of us spent our days at home, and while many of us lost our jobs and income, there were still a lot of people who continued to spend, and our global waste problem never really eased up.


Forrest Douglass from Iowa found this to be true in his own home and wanted to find a way to curb waste. So he launched an online marketplace, called Reconnect, to sell sustainable, low-waste household products.


One of the products he sells is his very own zero-waste toilet bomb, made with only six safe ingredients—three of those being essential oils. The bombs come with as minimal packaging as possible, and they work by keeping toilet bowls clean and stain-free.


Other products on the site include toothpaste tablets, hand soap tablets, and shampoo bars, just to name a few. If you’re looking for some low-waste household products, check out Reconnect’s website.

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Emma Jade

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