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Kasu is an Australian built platform for sharing and lending everyday items from other Kasu members within a geo-fenced area of your choosing.

Kasu is the first “Eco” based sharing platform and unlike other current and prior platforms the environment is at the forefront of Kasu’s ethos and development pipeline.

Kasu was founded two years ago with the realisation that there is way too much waste within our communities. We are however currently live with Kasu and are working hard to bring more and more functionality to our members.

Kasu Core beliefs: -

1. Environmental – Allowing Kasu members to track their carbon, water, and energy consumption via our proprietary algorithm “EcoRating”. Click here for more details

2. Micro Economies – Providing Kasu members with a steady and constant stream of income through the rental of their items.

3. Community Spirit – In a time where everything is digital and people spend far too much time in their homes, Kasu allows you to meet and message Kasu members during the transaction and review of items available.

Kasu is available to download for free on the Apple App store & Google Play site, we have also included a user to user messaging system and secure Australian payment gateway for contactless transactions.

Feel free to check out our website for more details, including our terms and conditions and FAQ

We also have Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin, should you want to follow us or learn more about upcoming events and developments.

Article by,

Ben Warrington

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