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Green Heart Collective

IG: @green_heart_collective

We are a social enterprise reducing landfill waste by taking dead stock and returned goods from bigger companies and selling them on at low prices.

Our store is located in Team Valley, a large trading estate in the town of Gateshead in North East England.

GHC was born out of a deep concern for the scale of environmental waste produced on our planet.

Our curated stock gives customers a chance to rescue brilliant pieces of fashion, furniture, books and wellbeing items which would otherwise end up on landfill.

We are currently expanding our digital presence to provide a further outlet for sustainable purchasing.

One of our greatest challenges is trying to find new homes for all our wonderful items!

Our stock is varied, and many items are one of a kind.

We also regularly receive new items and donations which is fantastic for our customers.

GHC is always looking to connect with other sustainable brands and companies and is currently working with a selection of other businesses both regionally and nationally.

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Article by,

Ruth Klempner

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