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Many countries have begun abolishing single-use plastic bags from supermarkets. But plastic still remains one of the worst offenders for pollution in our oceans and environment.


One way we can reduce and eliminate single-use plastic bags is to opt for reusable bags. But these can be bulky and we don’t always remember to take them with us to the store.


Oikos solves this issue with their plastic-alternative 100% biodegradable cassava and corn bags. They look just like plastic, but the first one is made from 75% cassava starch and 25% vegetable oils, while the second one is cornstarch-based. The bags take less than six months to degrade once disposed of and don’t leave any nasty residue behind.


The founder, Faith, and her partners launched Oikos to help minimize the plastic waste problem in her home, the Philippines. The Philippines is currently ranked as the world’s third-worst plastic pollution offender, so it was apparent to Faith that something had to be done.


The bags can be purchased in bulk for businesses to use, or consumers can use them for everyday use.

To learn more, visit their website.

Written by,

Emma Jade

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