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Mom's Store Nepal

Updated: Feb 8

🇳🇵Hattiban, Lalitpur, Nepal

During the peak of the pandemic, many businesses and people’s livelihoods suffered. Perhaps the worst to be hit were lower-income families. This was the case in just about every country across the globe.

This is how Mom’s Store Nepal started. They wanted to help low-income families in their community clothe their babies and children. Anyone who has children knows the struggle of clothing a growing child.

Mom’s Store Nepal is a collective of local mothers and youths committed to helping their community, through donations, where they deliver to the families through third-party service; and through education on how to reuse and repurpose old clothing that may be collecting dust in the wardrobe.

The small cooperative is committed to not only helping parents of low-income navigate the tricky position of keeping their children clothed, they are also committed to Sustainable Development Goals in Nepal, through their responsible approach to fashion.

They’ve created the very first app where you can buy and sell preloved clothing, and hope to raise more awareness around their enterprise, and continue to give parents in their community peace of mind, while simultaneously doing their part for our planet.

Article by,

Emma Jade


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