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Metari Design

Updated: May 22

If you’re a sustainable business, you’ve likely partnered with other sustainable businesses, like eco-wholesale suppliers and green printers. But when hiring for services, such as branding and graphic design, it’s equally important to consider their position on the environment.

Collaborating with eco-conscious products and services for your business not only ensures you’re staying green from every angle, but it becomes easier to work with others who hold the planet in the highest regard, as you do.

Metari Design is a brand and graphic design studio run by Tara Pigott. With over five years' of experience working with non-profits and sustainable businesses, Tara’s become a go-to professional for sustainable and social impact brands to communicate their mission and message through powerful brand design.

Tara can help with branding, social media templates, website design, and marketing design for your sustainable business; everywhere your potential customers see your business. Make a lasting impression and hire the right person to communicate your message to your audience.

Visit Metari Design to find out more.

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