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Kitesurfing Lanka

Updated: Feb 7

🇱🇰 Sri Lanka

Looking for an active vacation destination that focuses on sustainability and supports the local communities? Check out Kitesurfing Lanka.

For around $50usd a day, you can stay in stunning Sri Lanka in a comfortable beach bungalow where the kitesurfing action happens. Or if you’re not much of a kitesurfer, you can do one of the many other activities, like yoga, safari excursions, kayaking, motorcycling, or simply getting a massage.

The entire operation is designed with sustainability in mind. Their Kite Green Initiative they are currently focused on involves planting mangroves, a vital piece to our ecosystems that often get overlooked. Kitesurfing Lanka’s camp has also been made out of reclaimed local materials, like driftwood, and are designed to stay cool even on the hottest days.

If that isn’t enough, they’re also working with Merijaan, an eco initiative that upcycles plastic waste into new durable products, to help clean up the oceans in Sri Lanka. Kitesurfing Lanka avoids using single-use plastics in their facility, and they only stock eco-friendly bathing products, so you can rest assured your stay will have a very small carbon footprint.

Through collaborating with like-minded organizations, Kitesurfing Lanka is actively trying to reduce their carbon footprint and they aim to become a zero-waste facility. See their website for more information.

Article by,

Emma Jade


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