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Katharina Hellman, the Eco Anxiety Coach

Updated: Feb 7

🇩🇪 Germany

The thought of climate change can create all kinds of feelings of negative feelings, from anxiety, stress, and overwhelm. There are many platforms out there supporting more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyles in order to combat our climate crisis in a practical way, but there’s not a lot of support for those who aren’t coping with the climate crisis on an emotional level.

Katharina Hellman, the Eco Anxiety Coach specializes in assisting women on ways to reduce their carbon footprint, live more sustainably, all while managing climate change anxiety.

Her personalized coaching sessions and programs are individually designed to cater to each client’s specific needs. They get the very best one-on-one support to quickly overcome and conquer their fears.

For those seeking full support, you can sign up to one of Katharina’s programs, or join her Facebook support group here.

Article by,

Emma Jade


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