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Harmony Turbines

Updated: Feb 7

🇺🇸 Lebanon, Pennsylvania, United States

Renewables are on an upward trend, as consumers and businesses start to adopt a more conscious and eco-friendly lifestyle and operations. Renewables were always far too expensive to become mainstream, but thanks to the Paris Agreement for climate change, it’s forcing a shift.

Renewables will become more affordable, and fossil fuels are going to be phased out. We’ve seen solar being utilized on homes and businesses in place of energy companies, but we have yet to see wind being utilized in the same way.

Until now. Harmony Turbines is a next-generation residential and small-scale wind turbine development—the first of its kind. Their goal; to decentralize power generation on a global level.

What’s even more interesting about Harmony Turbines is that they use reclaimed ocean and landfill plastics in manufacturing. Not only are they generating renewable energy but also helping to actively remove waste plastics from our environment. It’s a win-win for sustainability-seekers.

You can get involved by investing in Harmony Turbines here, or find out more on their website.

Article by,

Emma Jade


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