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Figgi and Rose

🇦🇺 Brisbane QLD, Australia

If you’ve ever looked to buy home decor goods online, you’ve probably noticed the lack of sustainable products available. But we’re starting to see more innovation in this area.


Figgi and Rose is an online marketplace focusing on sustainable and circular products. Their products are artisanal and handmade, and many of the products can be repurposed into something new once they’re finished.


The founder, Caitlin Francis, wanted to fill a gap in the market. She not only wanted to provide sustainable products for the home, but she wanted them to be luxurious; two things that are typically not aligned.


“I think sometimes people have this idea that sustainability can’t look luxurious, but we are here to prove that is not the case.”


Their best-selling, toxic-free candles come in a decorative glass jar, and are perfect to use as a drinking glass once the candles are used up.


Or their hessian planters are the perfect addition to elevate a space. Use them to spruce up your pots, or use them for other storage purposes.


To see more of their range, visit their website.

Written by,

Emma Jade

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