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Ecopreneur Media

Updated: Feb 8

🇺🇸 New Jersey, United States

Sustainability is a relatively new industry. If you’re a brand in sustainability, you’ve probably noticed how hard it can be to communicate your message, and to get in front of the right people. When an industry is new, there are always growing pains and difficult hurdles to overcome even just to get your brand noticed.

That’s where Ecopreneur Media comes in. This media agency is an environmental media platform for brands in sustainability who are looking to connect and collaborate with advocates and synergistic brands.

They focus on authentic and original storytelling, predominantly in the form of video content. Through targeting media production campaigns and sponsorship opportunities Ecopreneur Media are able to bring brands, advocates, projects, and influencers together to communicate their messages around climate change.

Why join Ecopreneur Media?

Gain exposure and sales through project affiliations.

Connect with volunteers and brand advocates to help you on your mission.

Get exclusive access to opportunities and projects on their database.

Ecopreneur Media promotes compassion, communication, and community towards a sustainable tomorrow. So what are you waiting for? Join now.

Article by,

Emma Jade


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