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Eco Foundry Ltd

🇬🇧 Sevenoaks, UK

The sustainability movement has given many of us more awareness of the environment and the impact we have on it. And it’s catalyzed our understanding of the inherent connection between our health and wellness and the Earth.


Beccy Dickson, a plant enthusiast, wanted to share her knowledge and love for going green in the home. And she wanted to build something that could help bring our connection back to nature, even if you live and work in urban areas.


She founded Eco Foundry Ltd, an innovative company that specializes in living wall systems.


The walls are quite literally made from live plants, and are manufactured sustainably. They’re designed to be leased out to events or offices, and can be branded with your event logo or branding.


Plants are a renewable type of energy, and can improve the air quality they exist in. So adding a living wall to your space can promote good health, wellbeing, productivity, and reduce noise and pollution.

Plants are also known to regulate temperatures, and remove carbon from the air, contributing to a healthier, happier environment.


To lease one of these walls for your next event or office, visit their website.

Written by,

Emma Jade

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