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Updated: Feb 8

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The fashion industry is one of the worst contenders when it comes to the impact on our environment. The industry is responsible for 8-10% of carbon emissions, globally; and around 20% of industrial wastewater pollution (1). It’s also the number one exploiter of human rights in developing countries (2).

About seven years ago, New Zealander Danny was venturing through India and Indonesia. On his travels he met many locals who had the same sad story; they were working for fashion brands and lost their jobs due to the trade shift in China. These people had little or no education, and were now unemployed and unable to provide for their families.

Danny came up with a solution to help the locals, while also offering a solution for consumers who wished to shop more responsibly in an industry that was rife with unethical protocols. In 2015 Duffle&Co was born.

It is Duffle&Co’s mission to empower artisans in developing countries to continue their craftsmanship, and to educate consumers of buying products that take the planet into consideration. Duffle&Co spend around six months of the year sourcing only the highest quality materials that are sustainable, and that are from responsible suppliers and family-run businesses. Duffle&Co know all of their suppliers personally, which ensures that they always know where their materials are coming from.

Duffle&Co are proud B Corp certified. For anyone not aware, this is one of the most rigorously tested certifications brands can receive to prove that they are an environmentally-responsible brand. Brands need to jump through some pretty intense hoops to get this certification, which is why many brands don’t bother to do it. That there are so many brands out there claiming to be “sustainable” and “ethical”, but fail to back up their claims with evidence. A B Corp certification is a good indicator of which brands are willing to go that extra mile in order to show just how much they care, and are doing more for our planet.

A milestone Duffle&Co have recently achieved is the opportunity to open the New Zealand Fashion Week in 2022 in the Sustainable Show. This is something that the founder and their team are incredibly proud of, as they grow their brand’s thought leadership and pave the way for other brands to follow a more sustainable path.

Their hero product is The Weekender Duffle. This is their first organic cotton canvas overnight bag that has been dyed using azo-free natural dyes. It’s just the right size for overnight travel, and is also cabin-sized for storage on flights.

If you’re stuck on a Christmas gift, check out Duffle&Co’s range of sustainable bags for all occasions, and feel good about your purchase.



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Emma Jade

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