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Updated: Feb 7

🇬🇧 Redditch, United Kingdom

Sustainable fashion has become a popular trend for women since the recent climate change talks. But shopping for sustainable fashion can be a complete time-drain, and is often something many of us can’t find the time to do when we’re busy with so many other things in our lives.

There are not too many sustainable fashion brands out there, so it takes time to research and sift through the plethora of brands to find those that really ticks all of the boxes in sustainability.

What if you could do all of your clothes shopping from one platform that does all of the research for you? A platform that partners with socially and environmentally responsible brand partners. A platform that empowers women and promotes body positivity. A platform that gives you a tailored experience that helps you find clothes that fit your body type so you can feel confident and comfortable in your own skin.

Curobe is just the platform. The founders found a gap in the market when they realized that shopping online for sustainable fashion was so time-consuming that it resulted in consumers not shopping as sustainably as they'd like simply because they didn’t have the time to scour the internet.

The way it works is you simply enter some basic information here and Curobe’s algorithm determines your perfect fit. You can then shop confidently and consciously with ease.

Follow them on Instagram and visit their website for more information.

Article by,

Emma Jade


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