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Cultivate Sustainability

Updated: May 22

Sustainability has fast become one of the most important topics in recent years. But although it’s evolved into a hot topic, it’s still largely misunderstood.

If you’re on a sustainable journey, or are interested in knowing more about sustainability, why not take a crash course?

Cultivate Sustainability is an 11-week course that teaches the fundamentals of sustainability, including sustainable:

  • Food

  • Transport

  • Energy

  • Water

  • Property

  • Waste

  • Material

  • Home

The course contains a new module and weekly homework, taking up only a few hours in your schedule.

The course is facilitated by Kate Gaertner, CEO of sustainability consultancy TripleWin Advisory, which teaches businesses how to run a circular operation. With a master's in sustainable management, she’s been helping businesses for several years but has since launched Cultivate Sustainability to serve everyone, not just businesses.

The course is designed for people with all levels of understanding to learn about sustainability in a simple way. The next course launches on March 2nd, 2023, so if you’re interested, sign up today.

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