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Bioregional Greenworks

Updated: Feb 8

🇺🇸 California, United States

Have you heard of permaculture restoration? Permaculture essentially means permanent agriculture, and it takes influence from indigenous and traditional knowledge. So instead of the Western industry that we’re used to, permaculture uses whole systems thinking for land management and settlement design. Permaculture restoration, therefore, means restoring our earth, using traditional techniques that have been lost in the industrial revolution days.

Bioregional Greenworks, a California-based company takes permaculture, and merges it with a worker-owned cooperative model to deliver nature-based solutions to some of the most urgent community challenges. Challenges such as:

  • Food Insecurity

  • Food and Other Large Waste Streams

  • Land/Air/Water Pollution

  • Poverty

  • Unemployment

  • Under-Employment

  • Homelessness

  • Recidivism

  • Severe Drought

  • Unsustainable Waste Management

Founded on three guiding principles of care—people, earth, and future—Bioregional Greenworks hopes to bridge the gap between where society is today, to where humanity would be thriving, through education and opportunities through their community efforts.

So far Bioregional Greenworks efforts have increased:

  • Clean food production

  • Biodiversity and ecosystem restoration

  • Financial stability for families in urban areas and rural communities

Bioregional Greenworks aim to spread awareness, and influence a generation to understand that, although humans have done things in a destructive way for some time, it doesn’t have to be this way. The merging of permaculture with the worker-cooperative model achieves balance in the community; it gives those less fortunate opportunities and purpose; and it gives back to our planet through techniques of regenerative agriculture. See what permaculture restoration can do for communities here.

The company offers educational programs for those who wish to learn more about their operations. You can donate, or submit a job application to one of their various positions vacant within their company. Help Bioregional Greenworks change the world.

Article by

Emma Jade


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