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As a conscious consumer, it can be difficult to find sustainable brands when you’re online shopping, particularly on Amazon. In fact, searching for products from sustainable brands can take up hours of your time.


What if there was an easier way?


askBelynda was founded by Irete Hamdani. She grew tired of the time it took to find sustainable products when she was shopping online. So she started a platform and built an app.


On her website, she sells sustainable products that have been tried and tested. She also has a blog to help you navigate the world of sustainability.


The app she built helps consumers find sustainable products while they shop on Amazon. When searching for a product on Amazon, askBelynda gives you sustainable recommendations in the results.


Using this app saves you time and, ultimately, the planet.


askBelynda is easy to use, as it’s a Google Chrome extension for your browser. Simply download it, and it works automatically on Amazon.


To find out more, visit their website or Instagram page.

Written by,

Emma Jade

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