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AAU Style

Updated: Feb 8

🇬🇧 Manchester, United Kingdom

AAU Style is a sustainable living online retailer providing viable and attractive alternatives to non-sustainable products.

Based in the UK, AAU Style features eco-friendly products such as zebra wood sunglasses, biodegradable phone cases, ergonomic aluminium laptop stands, and handwoven storage trays.

Also included amongst their listings is a short but thorough sustainable living blog that forms a small education in eco-living to all visitors interested in learning more.

Launched during the pandemic of 2020 by Zara, a Manchester mother eager to evolve from what she perceived to be her own wasteful and consumption-based mindset, AAU Style provides a carefully curated range of stylish and sustainably sourced and constructed products to consumers in the UK.

This eco-friendly store and accompanying blog and literature are a valuable resource to all seekers of sustainable lifestyles who wish to gain from the knowledge and skills of others in order to live a life less wastefully.

Article by,

Ruth Klempner


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