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The Seed Exchange

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Welcome to The Seed Exchange . Please read these POSTING GUIDELINES-

Seed Swap is for seed trades, and seed related posts only. Please note that any other posts will be taken down, and repeat posters will be removed from the group. This is not a place to sell seeds.


• keep posts relevant to seed swapping

• be respectful

• report SPAM by tagging an admin

• and have fun!

Please only use The Seed Exchange for listing your seed haves and wants. This helps keep the group easy to navigate, and running smoothly. I absolutely love your enthusiasm, and those posts are great, but with 800+ members, they quickly overwhelm the threads here. Please join The Seed Savers and add your wonderful posts there.

If you would like to *report a bad trade* please feel free to message me (Kristen). I keep an ongoing list of names of people who did not fulfill their end of a trade, and if I get multiple reports they will be removed and banned. Please try to work things out yourself first. Life happens, and also sometimes things do get lost in the mail. If someone is not responding to messages, or it's been weeks since the trade and you're upset, then yes let me know.

Your admins thank you, <3 Kristen

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    The Seed Exchange is for seed trades, and seed related posts...

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