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Sustainability in Architecture and Interior Design

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We noticed the amount of concerns and discussions about the challenge of finding affordable, sustainable options for households that may not have the resources to make significant changes towards sustainability from the start.

We understand that this is a common concern for many individuals and families.

To help address this issue, we have prepared a list of tips and tricks for households looking to embark on their passive home journey.

These tips are designed to be easy on the budget and can be implemented by anyone, regardless of their level of sustainability expertise.

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    Sustainability in architecture and interior design ♻️🏠🌳

    The main focus of the group is to share knowledge & services on how to build a healthy home, while protecting our environment in the process.

    Welcome to the group!

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    Welcome to the group! You can connect with other members, get updates and share photos.

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      Sustainability in architecture and interior design ♻️🏠🌳 Th...


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