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Garden update-

The garden is absolutely thriving. He are some pictures of the growth. I have been using Tiger Bloom on the flowering plants and Grow Big on the vegging plants. Still hoping to get more growth out of the potted peppers I bought as starts- their growth seems stunted and they are already producing peppers on the Portugal Heat. I think the habaneros will continue to veg a bit before they start producing flowers.

Also, the black beans are almost ready, I might have just enough time to plant, grow and harvest another batch before our first hard frost.

I made my first pickles of the year. They taste delicious and are nice and crisp. If you’re interested ask and I’ll include the recipe in the comments

So far, deer have not returned, again if interested ask and I’ll explain what I think is working for us.

Thank you for reading. And please feel free and encouraged to comment.


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