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Hi all. I am a horticulturist by training and a small business owner by trade. I believe that our relationship with nature and especially plants will be foundational to solving the climate crisis.

I want to caution that we cannot all rely on one single plant (or even just a handful) to be our sustainability savior. I see a lot of messaging about bamboo or hemp being miracle plants that can be used for anything. THIS IS THE SAME PROBLEM WE HAD WITH PALM OIL.

We must not fall into the monoculture trap— especially when the crop is typically grown somewhere far away. This leads to habitat destruction, overfarming and degradation of lands (often affecting people in poverty first), and high emissions concentrated in one area. So the next time you see a product made out of a less popular material, don‘t toss it aside just because it isn’t bamboo! Ask where and how it was produced, and what its overall impact is! Diversity is always better!

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