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Austin Kasso

@Everyone Welcome to this sub-group for Jaspur!

Striver has collaborated with Jaspur, a new sustainable fashion app that connects people with athleisurewear brands that fit their values. They are recent graduates of the Silicon Valley Founders Institute for startups, and have a lot of potential and a great team.

With "Programs" on Striver, we are demonstrating here what we can help people from all walks of life achieve. You will see more programs develop in time, each representing a different cause, course, business, etc, and has a variety of potential for directly connecting people with the things they care about supporting and learning.

Programs also can have connected sub-groups, such as this one for Jaspur's early adopters program. It allows a forum for updates and engagement, promotions, and more focused specifically on the program it represents.

Sub-groups as a feature on our app is available to any member to create for something they are passionate about related to economic, social, and environmental sustainability.

Any member can also request to collaborate with us like Jaspur to create a program to support their cause.

Thanks again for joining us!

If you are interested in signing up for Jaspur, you may join their waitlist for free to receive their prototype app when it's released, and become an early adopter to provide valuable feedback. Their link is

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    Austin Kasso


    Welcome to this sub-group for Jaspur! Striver has collabora...


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