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Frequently asked questions

How do I submit a feature?

First you must sign up to be a member of Striver. After creating an account, navigate to our "Pro Plans" page on the menu and select the plan that works for you. Once a plan is ordered, you will notice a "Submit Feature" button now appears under the "Visit Group" button at the top of every page while logged in. Click "Submit Feature" which will bring you to the submission form. Fill out the form, click submit, and your feature will appear automatically on the website, as well as posted as an announcement in our facebook group (Posted to the group within 36 hours). If you purchase a pro plan, you are obligated to submit the given number of features per month. For example, if you purchase the Level 1 Plan, you get 5 features per month; you must submit each of those 5 features separately. We encourage you to produce different content for each feature. Features are organized by time stamp so the most recent ones show up first.

What kind of engagement does the group get?

Our group gets over 1 million visitors/views per month; averaging over 100,000 per day. Our group membership is currently almost 90,000 and growing by thousands more every week, so these figures are constantly rising. We will update this answer as we grow to reflect new figures. Each feature reaches on average 5,000 to 30,000 people, and technically has no limit as to how far that reach can potentially go.

Can I feature more than one business or service if I have multiple?

Yes! The more the better! You are only limited by the number of features you get with your plan per month, you may choose to feature anything you want.

I don't see my city or country, can I use this service?

If you don't see your country, state/province, or city, that is only because we haven't recieved a submission from that area yet. The way our directory works; it is member-curated, meaning it only shows what people submit. Once a new location/business gets added, the search filters will automatically adapt to add the corresponding information.

So, for example, if you live in North Carolina, and you don't see the option in the dropdown filter, as soon as you submit something for Durham, North Carolina, for example, you would immediately see the search filter update with a new selection for "Durham, North Carolina."
When you go to submit a new feature, the submission form will have a complete global list to choose your country, state/province, and city.

What happens to my content if I cancel?

It stays on our website permanently. It also will continue to appear in search results in our Facebook group as well. However over time it will be pushed further down in results (both on the site and in the group) because of the constant addition of new content.

How are you different from Sponsored Social Media Ads or Google Ads?

We are only similar in one regard; we help you make large audience connections. Other than that, we are a fairly unique platform with how we do this. We give you more. Unlike sponsored ads: -Your content is added to a permanent directory which will continue to benefit you, similar to listing your business on an E-Commerce platform. Our directory however will simply re-direct people to the link you provide. -Your content gets posted to our Facebook group and connects with a large niche audience who are passionate about Sustainability. -We charge a small flat-rate fee instead of charging per engagement. This allows you to get greater ROAS (return on ad spend). This means if your content gets 20,000 views or 1,000,000 views, the cost is the same. -Typical Sponsored Ads have algorithms that stop promoting your content, cutting it off from reaching more people after they've robbed you of your budget. We don't like that. Our platform is designed to allow your content to continuously yield results even after you're done paying for your subscription. -We're a community, not just some analytics dashboard. -Our platform is turbo-powered with affiliate marketing that pays people to invite more members to use our service, further expanding our means of gaining new traffic and engagement. -We are exclusively for Sustainability, giving a strategic advantage to those who seek to build a more sustainable future for ourselves and our planet. No more trying to compete with mega-plastic-corporations and big-mean-industry advertising campaigns who have the money to waste on making sure they appear first on all the platforms you're trying to currently use. We got your back. And together, we can make a real impact.

Do you provide analytics tools?

We don't provide as many insights as other marketing agencies, however you can see other results such as reactions, comments, and shares by visiting our group and checking the engagement of your content in our group announcements section. If you utilize an analytics software for your own website, it may or may not (depending on what you use) track activity coming from facebook and our website specifically. If it does, that can also provide you with insights from our service. On Striver, visit your dashboard (in your profile menu) to see the number of clicks on your features from our website (but not from our group). There, you can also see how many features you have remaining for the month.