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Our Why

“We believe in cultivating purposeful connections that
empower people to shape a sustainable future.”

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What is Striver?

Striver is a digital repository of green brands and consumers who value sustainable living.
The community is fed by a Facebook group of over 118,000 members. We offer brands, campaigns, and events a space to advertise to a highly targeted audience at exceptionally affordable rates. 


Reach a 100% Targeted Audience at Exceptionally Cheaper Rates:
Compared to industry average of 2% - 10% targeted marketing from professional agencies

Connect to a Global and Local Audience:
We serve 135+ countries

Feature Multiple Brands, Campaigns, and Events on One Account:
Every feature is unique, you can list different campaigns in different locations for example

Show Up on Everyone’s Feed:
Algorithms don’t determine who sees what!

Continue Reaping Benefits after Canceling Subscription:
Every submission remains permanently on our website and continues to appear in search results in our facebook group, however will eventually be pushed further down in results with new content

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Help the world discover all the ways you're making an impact by creating Listings. Organizing a beach clean-up? Promoting a fundraiser? Advertising your sustainable business? These are just some examples of what you would create listings for. Striver organizes this content into a database allowing people to search by category, location, keywords, and more. "Featured" Listings will be promoted in our Sustainable Living facebook group with over 118,000 members.


Sustainable brands, initiatives, and more can apply for a FREE professionally written article highlighting their mission, which would be published on our website. Publications also get shared to our Instagram and LinkedIn page. 


Get Paid to Unite The World of Sustainability

Free to Join, Easy to Sign-Up and Requires No Technical Knowledge

33% Recurring Commission on Referred Clients

Real-Time Statistics and Reporting


Available Support Group

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We believe in collaboration, not competition, to create a mutually beneficial network and strengthen the impact we can make together.

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Meet The Team

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Austin Kasso

Founder, CEO

  • Austin Kasso

Austin is the Founder and CEO of Striver. He started the Sustainable Living facebook group which has grown to over 115k members in 99 different countries. He is also named as a Top 10 Local Food Champion in Indiana for inspiring community action and development of local food systems. More recently, Austin was recognized as one of the Top 50 Sexiest Environmentalists alongside Leonardo DiCaprio and David Attenborough. Austin was a featured speaker at the 2021 Green Summit.

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Alex Duffield

Creative Director

  • Alex Duffield

Alex is a graphic designer and brand strategist who has authored advertising script, published news articles and 2 award-winning art and literary journals. He commits much of his time advocating for sustainability and food security. He specializes in helping small businesses and startups discover their market position and craft original and timeless brand identities.

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Emma Jade

Copywriting Director

  • Emma Jade

Emma is an accomplished writer and graphic designer, helping sustainable brands convey their messaging and mission through unique and on-brand written and visual content. Her passion for the environment, and her inherent desire to educate and inspire are the driving forces behind everything that she does. 

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Yaseen Saleem

Web Developer

  • fiverricon

Yaseen has a true passion for web development and design and he proves it through his diligence and outstanding results. He is always honest and not afraid of doing hard work.